Take control of your health and dining pleasure with Pita's delicious and nutritious fusion of flavors where a little bit of Mediterranean magic is in every recipe.

No matter what you are hungry for, one of our own unique dishes will satisfy and nourish both body and spirit. Our goal is to give you the best eating adventure was born from a passion to serve delicious and nutritious food long before it became popular. We would like to invite everyone to come and be a guest and
join Pita's Republic.


1. PR protects the freedom of choice for over 1500 combination and the right to assemble a tasty fair at a fair value.

2. At pr guests have the right to a balanced ,nutritious and healthier meals days or nights.

3. Pr protects guests from a premature expiration by avoiding saturated fat, high sodium,and preservatives-full food.

4. At pr all guest are created equal unless they start complaining!!!!

5. We prohibit tasteless , carboardy sandwiches made from a mile high loafy bread

6. All guests have the right to visit pr as many time as they choose without paying cover charge!!!

7. All guests have the right to complain to us and compliment us to their loyal friends.

Moe Elkasri
Founder & Director of Pita's Republic

The name Pita's Republic stands for the idea of joining an eating "Revolution" with foods which are both delicious and nutritious, all with the flavor of the Mediterranean mixed in. While studying for his MBA at USF, Moe started Pita's Republic and was far ahead of the now popular trend of serving healthy and delicious Mediterranean foods. Even Pita's Republic's own "special recipe" pita is a result of his passion to perfect the mixture of flavor and nutrition.

In 1990 the students and staff at USF joined the revolution, now all of the Tampa area has joined and soon the entire world will be able to join, eating both delicious and nutritious food, enjoying one of life's great adventures.

Moe, the founder of Pita's Republic, loved to prepare good food for his family from an early age. While growing up he would often make nutritious meals for his 4 growing brothers, who all loved to eat. Pita's Republic was always intended to create this same welcoming atmosphere, where the customers are treated like family, known and remembered. To this end Moe has been successful beyond expectations.

Today more than 70% of his customers are repeat guests who appreciate the fresh, healthy fusion of nutritious flavors found in his unique pita sandwiches and Greek salads. Everyone who joins our family has come to know that they will be welcome and be served healthy and flavorful food to support their active lifestyles.

While starting from his memories of home, Moe continually improved and enhanced his unique recipes for the special homemade foods prepared only in the store. Only at Pita's Republic can you get the healthy and fluffy pitas made from Moe's own unique recipe. Only at Pita's can you enjoy the blend of spice, oils and vinegars in his own unique Greek Vinaigrette and other homemade on premises salad dressings.

Pita's Republic is not only about healthy food, but also about serving truly delicious Mediterranean flavors. With their now famous Greek Salads and unique pita sandwiches they entice customers, their friends, back again and again. The rest of the menu is equally exciting, continually expanding the flavor adventure. With unique Chicken pitas made from his secret recipe and spices, marinated 24 hours and the new and already wildly popular Fish pitas there is something for every taste.

Over time Moe hired, trained and befriended a staff that has joined in his passion for this business. The managers of each Pita's Republic have been learning and serving guests with Moe for years. Every day guests come in and knowing the staff will know them, how they like their food prepared and will be genuinely concerned that each meal, snack or smoothie experience will be friendly, enjoyable and mostly, delicious.

If you haven't found one yet, look up a nearby location and join the revolution. Take control of your health and food enjoyment. Do it before you let another day pass while eating more greasy, fatty or just plain boring food.




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